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Why you need a car history check?

Buying a second hand car is a notoriously risky business; it’s almost impossible to tell a vehicle’s past just by looking at it. The AA Data Check Report will provide you with vital information about the history of any vehicle you may be thinking about buying and verify the information the seller has given to you.

Our car history check will show:

  • Outstanding car finance/loans
  • Reported as stolen
  • Insurance write-offs
  • V5C/VIN match
  • Mileage Discrepancies*
  • No. of previous owners
  • Scrapped by DVLA
  • More than 72 other pieces of information

Found a car? A single vehicle history check is £ 14.99

Checking more than one vehicle? A Multicheck is £29.99
(equivalent to just £6 per check)

  • Of the cars we check

    1 in 3

    has a hidden history

  • Of the cars we check


    cars per day have a mileage discrepancy

  • Of the cars we check

    1 in 4

    has had a plate change

  • Of the cars we check


    per day are identified as currently stolen

  • Of the cars we check


    per day are uncovered as insurance write-offs

  • Of the cars we check

    1 in 3

    is still on finance

Statistics based on cars checked by HPI Ltd 2019

Update an existing check

Provide additional information about a vehicle you've already checked. E.g. mileage, VIN number or logbook details.

Update an existing check

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Check another vehicle using a voucher code from a Multicheck you've already paid for.

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