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  • 01/12/2015 00:13

Report Summary

Good news! The details you have provided do not have any adverse data recorded against them but remember to provide the rest of the information by 31 December 2015 and before you buy the vehicle.

Next steps

  1. We strongly recommend that you check the vehicle description and mileage.
  2. We strongly recommend that you check the accuracy of the information you provided (listed below), and update your check to supply the missing information and make corrections. Remember to do this by 31 December 2015 and before you buy the vehicle.
    • AN52ZXX
    • To be supplied
    • In order to qualify for the AA Car Data Check guarantee, you must supply the VIN (Chassis number) and V5 registration document details before you buy the vehicle. In addition we recommend that you ensure the V5 document is genuine by checking for the presence of the watermark - the initials 'DVL' appear in several places.
    • WBADT220AN52ZXX
    • AB1234567
    • 12-Mar-2008
  3. Do all the details match the V5 (registration document) and appearance of the vehicle? If not we recommend you query the discrepancy with the seller or the DVLA. We recommend that you do not buy the vehicle before you have resolved your query. Your AA Car Data Check guarantee will not be valid if the descriptive data does not match the physical vehicle and or the Vehicle log book (V5). For further information see FAQ.

The information we hold

Any potential issues or queries with the details you have supplied are highlighted with a red *

Your HPI Guarantee will not be valid if the descriptive data does not match the physical vehicle and or the Vehicle log book (V5).

Vehicle Description

  • BMW 
  • 520I ES SE AUTO 
  • 2171 
  • 31231234 
  • Petrol 
  • 4 Door Saloon 
  • 5 Speed Auto  
  • 2002 
  • 12-Mar-2008 
  • 23-Oct-2002 
More about vehicle description

This information provides confirmation of the vehicle's physical details as first recorded by the manufacturer. The AA Car Data Check confirms the make, model, door plan, fuel, engine size/number and transmission. If any of these do not match contact us

  • 237 g/km
  • L
More about CO2

The CO2 bandings are intended as a guide to the emissions of this vehicle and equate to the current Vehicle Excise Duty bandings. For more information on CO2 ratings, see our FAQ's

VRM not recorded as exported

VRM not recorded as scrapped by DVLA

VIN Match

The VIN (chassis number) and VRM (vehicle registration number) you supplied match

More about VIN match

The AA Car Data Check allows you to enter and check a vehicle's VIN as well as its registration mark (VRM). For more information on VIN matching, see our FAQ's.

Vehicle Ownership

There are many circumstances where the 'owner' of a vehicle is not the 'keeper' as recorded on the DVLA V5C document. These circumstances are described in more detail in the notes accompanying each alert register.

  • VRM and VIN not currently recorded by the police as stolen
  • VRM and VIN not currently recorded by insurers as a theft
  • VRM and VIN not currently recorded as having outstanding finance
  • VRM and VIN not currently recorded as at risk on the security register
  • VRM not recorded as having previous plates
More about police stolen

The AA Car Data Check provides information from the Police National Computer on vehicles that are recorded as currently stolen. For more information on Stolen Vehicles, see our our FAQ's.

More about insurance theft

Each year 150,000 vehicle thefts are recorded by insurers. For more information on insurance thefts, see our FAQ's.

More about outstanding finance

Nearly two thirds of new vehicles sold every year are purchased using some form of finance agreement. For more information on Outstanding Finance, see our FAQ.

More about security watch

This register typically records vehicles at high risk of fraud or theft (e.g. hire cars, demonstrator vehicles and garage forecourt stock). For more information on the security watch register, see our FAQ's.

More about plate transfers

This register indicates whether a vehicle has had a legitimate registration plate change since April 1990. For further information see our FAQ's.

Vehicle Condition

  • VRM and VIN not recorded by insurers as a 'total loss'
  • VRM and VIN not recorded as a repaired insurance 'total loss'
More about write-off

This register warns that a vehicle has been subject to an insurance total loss claim, or 'written-off', because of damage or because it has been stolen and not recovered. For more information on written-off vehicles, see our FAQ's.

More about write-off inspection

This register was introduced in 1990 and gives details of 'written-off' vehicles that have subsequently passed an independent structural inspection. For more information on inspected vehicles, see our FAQ's

Vehicle Documents

  • Issue date provided matches that recorded by the DVLA
  • The V5 registration document serial number is not recorded as stolen, forged or a duplicate
More about documents

Stolen V5C registration documents are in circulation. Any vehicle with a stolen V5C is likely to be cloned, rung or stolen. For more information on stolen V5 documents, see our FAQ's.

Vehicle Mileage

No mileage discrepancy is currently indicated by the national mileage register (NMR).

More about vehicle mileage

Please recheck the mileage and notify us if it was incorrectly keyed. For more information on mileage
discrepancies, see our FAQ's.

Vehicle Valuation

This guide valuation is for a vehicle of this make and model with average mileage and condition for its age bought from a dealer.

  • £5,037
  • BMW 5 Series (1996-03)
More about valuations

This is to help you determine the market value of the vehicle you want to buy. For more information on valuations, see our FAQ's.

HPI Valuations are provided by Glass's.

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Vehicle Manufacturer Specification

Vehicle Specification

  • BMW
  • 5 SERIES (E39)
  • 2171
  • 5
  • BMW
  • 2002
  • 23-Oct-2002
  • 4
  • 5

Vehicle Economy

  • 20.9
  • 36.2
  • 28.5
  • 237 g/km
  • L

Vehicle Performance

  • 155.0 lb-ft
  • 3,500
  • 167.6
  • 6,100
  • 137
  • 10.2s
  • REAR
  • 4X2
  • 6
  • 80
  • 72

Vehicle Dimensions

  • 4,775
  • 1,800
  • 1,435

Definitions and glossary can be found in the FAQ

Fuel Economy - Used Cars
CO2 emission figures (g/km)
L 237 g/km
  • £2139
  • £290
Important Note

The fuel consumption figure shown is taken from the official test results obtained from this vehicle type when new. It is intended to provide a standard figure for comparing the relative fuel economy of different vehicles of a similar age and condition and does not represent the average fuel consumption that will be achieved on the road. A number of factors not included in the official new vehicle test will affect the fuel consumption achieved on the road including: vehicle age, how it has been maintained, road/weather conditions and driving style.

  • 2171
  • Petrol
  • 5 Speed Auto
Fuel Consumption:
    1. Drive cycle
    2. Urban
    3. Extra-Urban
    4. Combined
    1. Litres/100km
    2. 13.5
    3. 7.8
    4. 9.9
    1. Mpg
    2. 20.9
    3. 36.2
    4. 28.5

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